Bamboo Cutting Board with Silicone Edges

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Color: Green Verified Purchase

As a mom, using a high quality and a functional product in my kitchen is a MUST. My tools and gadgets are very important to me in the kitchen as it is my happy place and I spend most of my time there.
I must admit that my discovery of this bamboo cutting board with silicon edges by the Kitchen Love made my times easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen.
I will have no more mold on my cutting board anymore. The silicon edges are easy to wash, dries quickly and prevent from molding, I had to renew my cutting boards very often because of the mold and hygiene issues but this one will be my permanent and Only cutting board going forward…no more mold and hygiene issues.
Cutting juicy fruits and vegetables used to be also a big challenge for me, the juice runs down to the countertop and even on the floor. But this is not my concern anymore, the groove on this bamboo cutting board keeps the juice in (especially watermelon and tomatoes) and I don’t have to do extra cleaning of the countertop and floor.
It is a great size, light weight and durable board. The bright green color of the silicon part matches with couple of my kitchen gadgets and accessories which is an extra bonus for me, love it….
It was a great purchase and made me happy, giving me the feeling that I made the right and the safest choice for my family.
Color: Green

Let me begin by saying that this cutting board is beautifully made. It has a lovely wood burned stamp by the maker and the bright green silicone edges are not only functional but add whimsy and beauty to this product.
Speaking to its functionality, this cutting board does not disappoint. The bamboo is high quality and holds up well to daily use. The silicone edges hold it in place perfectly! I have used a plastic cutting board with silicone edges for the last few months and I will not go back! The edging on the board is a high quality silicone that truly holds the board so it doesn’t slide around.
Thank you Kitchen Love for a beautiful well made product!
Color: Red Verified Purchase

I really like the size of this bamboo cutting board and I like how lightweight it is since I have problems with my shoulders having a lightweight cutting board is very nice I also like the silicone edging which just lifts it up off the counter just a fraction but it also secures it so it doesn’t move around I gave the bamboo cutting board five stars because I really like the design and that its lightweight and the bamboo cutting board that I received looked exactly like the picture and I really like everything about this cutting board

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Check out the best rated bamboo cutting board with silicone edges and matching color best rated bamboo utensil sets on


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