The Best Cutting Board! Our first product is on sale :-)

Check out the best rated bamboo cutting board with silicone edges and matching color best rated bamboo utensil sets on


Our first product is on Amazon!!! Yeyyyyy 🙂

You can search for our cutting board: “Bamboo Cutting Board with Silicon Edges” to find the best cutting board on the market:

  • Made Of Naturally Antimicrobial Bamboo And Silicone Round Prevent From Dangerous Mold
  • It Is Eco-Friendly And Biodegradable and It Has Soft Surface So Does Not Dull You Knifes
  • Unique Silicone Edges Provide Exceptional Slip Resistance For Safer Cutting and Green Color Will Add Brightness In Your Kitchen
  • Juice Grooves Captures Liquids, Makes Clean Up Easy For You and It Is Reversible That Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination Among Food Types
  • Perfect Large Size For Wide Variety Of Cutting And Chopping Needs; From Slicing Meat, Turkey And Cheese To Chopping Vegetables

The Kitchen Love Bamboo Cutting board’s unique design brings healthiest cutting board to the market;

*Special silicone round prevent from dangerous mold

*Our highest quality bamboo natural antibacterial and antimicrobial

*Resistant to splitting, warping and staining

*Perfect size for wide variety of cutting and chopping needs 16″x11″ and also coming with built in handle for hanging

*Unlike plastic or glass, easy on knife blades. Bamboo is a natural alternative to wood, which is stronger and lighter than hard woods

*It is reversible that you can use one side as a fancy serving tray for your favorite appetizers the other side for cutting

*Antimicrobial protection is built into non-slip edges keep the board firmly in place no matter which side you are cutting on which makes your kitchen safer

*Juice groove on one side means no more sticky countertops when cutting -juicy foods. Less time to clean, more time to enjoy the food

*BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH NO RISK WHATSOEVER with our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you aren’t happy with the product simply let us know and we will give you your money back.

*Our bamboo cutting board perfect gift for Mother’s Day

**Care Instructions: -After use was with warm soapy water , rinse. -Wipe dry with a clean cloth or let it air dry.

**Use food grade mineral oil or unrefined coconut oil to extend life and beauty of the board.

**Avoid soaking your board, and do NOT place in the dishwasher to clean.

You can see many more pictures of the product from Amazon: Click here

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Check out the best rated bamboo cutting board with silicone edges and matching color best rated bamboo utensil sets on


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