Be a Product Tester

Want to be a The Kitchen Love Product Tester?

Yes? GREAT ! Because we need you 🙂

We are a very small family company (take a look About Us page). Our target is to create healthy – green – natural and great products. Without proper and honest testing, we cannot reach our target.

When you become our tester:

  1. You will receive our new products – FOR FREE! We will send the products to you for free. We will cover even the shipping costs. And we will NOT request you to send the product back to us after testing. It will be yours to keep. No catch, no trick. We need your honest and constructive feedback on the product.
  2. You will get 20% discount coupon to use any of our existing products! Just sign up to be a tester, and the code will be sent to you. No questions asked (if you can leave an honest review for the product on Amazon, it would help our small company big time).
  3. We never ever share your e-mail address with others. We hate spam as much as you do. We respect your privacy, and your e-mail stays with us safe. The only e-mails you will receive from us will be totally personal (no automatic e-mails) and to the point (so, please read them 😉 ).

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