About Us

Our company

We are a small family business.


  • Founder;
    Well I have to admit that they call me boss  sometimes 🙂
  • Mommy;
    of two sweet, beautiful, crazy, stinky boys and one little  nocturnal  angel and one stubborn beagle.
  • Wife;
    of  funny, lazy, supportive husband.
  • And a housekeeper, cook, taxi driver, gardener etc….

In our business everybody has a job,

  • Me, doing everything
  • Kids, tester, helper
  • Husband, giving  affection and massage  and ideas when is necessary
  • Funny (our dog), letting us know when the mailmen comes 🙂

I hope you have an and idea of our company now…

How we came up with the company?

As a mom I try to stay away from plastics, chemical treatments etc. I love natural products.

I use cutting boards every single day, and I end up throwing them away a month later because of the mold that happens at the down side of the board.

There was a problem – mold! So I decided to solve my problem and everybody else’s; who uses only natural products and faces the same problem.

To prevent the mold, we installed silicon edges around the board. This solution was great; we stopped the mold, and also we were able to cut vegetables, fruits, meats on a natural product.

Because we use natural bamboo; our product is raw, free of harsh chemicals and toxins commonly used to seal wood products.

Now I have solution for my family so to yours.

Thank you for your support!

We appreciate every and each of you who help us to create and expend our family business .

We are very thankful to you…..